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taproot BodyTalk & Reiki services explore the wisdom that comes to us from within our own body and soul.  Healing is about coming home to ourselves -a place that does not desert us even if we lose sight of it sometimes. It is a sacred journey. 

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BodyTalk session – $85.00
Reiki session – $85.00


Accepted Payment Methods: credit card, cash, cheque, e-transfer

Gift Certificates available

Sliding Scale: Yes


Maria G. Vigna, Certified BodyTalk & Reiki Practitioner:

“Slowly, I began to attune to my body’s messages and to its wisdom. I learned how to allow emotions to do their work – which is to move energy.

About Me

About taproot

Here are some techniques and tips to help you tune into your body:

Do the Cortices. This is a simple, effective BodyTalk technique that balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Most noteworthy it will help you to be still and mindful of the moment. Click here for a short instructional video by a BodyTalk colleague.