About BodyTalk

Tap into the wisdom of your body. BodyTalk helps you to do that. It is a safe and effective form of natural therapy.  As a whole healthcare modality, BodyTalk promotes emotional, physical and spiritual healing. It addresses the entire person.

What does it meant to tap into the wisdom of your body? The body is like an ecosystem. In other words, every cell, atom and system within us is in constant communication. They are interlinked. Therefore, the whole is impacted by blocks within any part of us.  It is an intricate relationship.

Many things can impact this fine balance. For example, trauma, unresolved emotions or environmental issues create blocks. As a result, we experience symptoms. These are the body’s messages to us. They remind us to pay attention. What we must pay attention to is uniquely ours. For example, two clients may experience similar symptoms. However, what needs to be aligned and balanced will be different for each one. 

As BodyTalk enhances communication, balance and synchronization within the body,  it gently and safely restores the body’s natural abilities to heal. 

To learn more about the BodyTalk System and how it works, Click Here.

What to expect in a session:

    • Firstly, you will complete an intake form.
    • Secondly, we will spend a few minutes together discussing what has brought you to the session.
    • Always fully clothed, you will lie on a massage table.
    • Then, I will sit by you gently holding your arm.
    • I will communicate with you throughout the session 
    • You may rest deeply. You may even fall asleep. However, I will simply continue balancing the body’s priorities.
    • Finally, we will take a few minutes to discuss the session and to answer any questions you may have.
    • Sessions can be between 45-60 minutes

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