The Whisper of Mystery

I took this picture on a walk one summer evening before dusk.  I was in awe of the gentle colour and quiet splendour that filled the sky.  As I held my gaze upon it, I realized that the whimsical cloud pattern, the unique palette, the whisper of mystery before the end of the day, was all being showcased on a limitless sky. The contours of this exquisite beauty sat in the Infinite. They filled the canvas that can hold both storms and dark clouds, rainbows and sundogs.

We too are a limitless sky. We are infinite space. It is difficult to believe sometimes especially as we stumble through so many human experiences. However, what if it is our stumbling that opens us to the encounter with the Infinite One?

As infants, we do not experience ourselves as being separate. We are One with all there is.  Even the sky is a part of us.  As the course of our human story evolves, we somehow begin to lose that inner knowing.

We develop habits and patterns that may have been instrumental in protecting us or in helping us to navigate life most especially during turbulent times. Subconsciously we begin to attach to them. This in turn creates the very contracted and constrictive space where we lean on expectations and belief systems that no longer serve us. We react to life situations with old patterns and conditioned responses. Our true essence is obscured by our perceptions. But that is not the end of the story.

The Wisdom of our bodies…

Our bodies carry wisdom- the innate wisdom that is the memory of Light within us.  It does not ever ask us to prove our worth. It does not subscribe to a particular belief or dogma. It does not demand conformity.  It does not measure or count. It is inclusive. Imagine being so unconditionally loved!

The Sacred inside us allows us to see all the beauty on its canvas. What is moving across it is not always easy. It is not always what we want. But if we can meet all that we experience with presence; with gentleness and compassion, perhaps even with awe, we begin our way back to our true home. To the place where we are One.

This does not mean that we step over the painful places of our lives or over the dark emotions that can sometimes bring us to our knees. In fact, we must tend to them and do so with loving kindness and with faith. We grieve as honestly as we dance. We cry out our lament to heaven. This is the path of the soul- to open to the Sacred that has never leaves us.


Mark Nepo says: “A life of spirit, regardless of the path we choose, begins with a person’s acceptance that they are part of something larger than themselves.” If we can accept, not with a sense of defeat, but with the light of the heart, we move from contraction to expansion.

When I stumble in that very constricted space where nothing but the darkness is visible and breath is laboured; When it feels like the abyss is too, too deep to even imagine connection with all that is, I pray a prayer that I learned in one of my very first BodyTalk classes. It always reminds me that we are limitless and we are loved.

Here is a way to practice stepping into the expanse of your being:

Find a quiet space where you will not be interrupted. Take some deep breaths. Take your time with this. Be aware of your breath and let it guide the pace.

Place your hands on your heart and imagine pure, green, healing light emanating into them. With your breath, allow the light to infuse your entire body. Then, slowly let it fill the room you are in… then let it expand into the building… flow into your neighbourhood…, then the city…, the province…, the country… the continent…, the earth…, the galaxy…, the universe. That is how expansive you are. This is the whisper of your Mystery!

That is how expansive you are. This is the whisper of your Mystery!

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