In the Deep of the Dark

Death and Life are interwoven within the core us and within our world. We are being broken open and facing significant loss and changes in our lives. We may feel like we are in the deep of the dark. It is here however, that we are invited, so very intimately, to bear our sorrow together; to bear the tremble of death.

We are bearing vulnerability and fear…

In the very “cells” of the death experience we also find both holy waiting and new birth fully embraced. These are, paradoxically, distinct yet fully held in each other. Every moment holds dying and rising, not only in our personal lives, but in our communal experience as well.

More than ever, we have become acutely aware of being in communion with one another. And as one, we are bearing vulnerability and fear. We may feel dismantled, shaken and fragmented. All of this also holds the fullness of the texture of our shared lives.

… and we are left with only bone and ash…

When we are in the deep of the dark and it feels like we are enveloped by the ravages of memories, by the kind of silence that strangles our breath or by the thousand little deaths that took our sinew and we are left with only with bone and ash- it is here that we are met with tender mercy.

We join hands with our sorrow, grief and pain and they propel us with a grace beyond our understanding to the brilliance of the sun. Like tiny seeds, broken open and dismantled, surrendering the only existence they have ever known, we undertake the same journey.

In these moments, when the deep of the dark feels unbearable, sorrow rises within us. When it feels like we are brought to our knees- grief, cries of lament and the tears of sadness are blessings. They dig us deep into the crevices of our being. They guide us home. In allowing them safe passage, we fully participate in the inextricable weaving that is death and rebirth. Here we meet the beauty of our humanity and of our divinity. We are called to stand before the fullness of Mystery – both within ourselves and within the “body” of the global, communion expression.

… go inward…

We experience the richness and depth of new birth by walking the sadness and the rawness of sorrow. We go inward, surrender and we break open. As we let go, we begin to see the unfolding of something new, something we could not ever have imagined. Grace resides here and opens us to the Unexpected. We too wait to unfold into the impulse of breaking ground.

Let us listen…

Still, let us not rush to new life or step over our sorrow or any other emotion we may be experiencing. Let us listen to whatever rises within the soul upon this path. It will call us to Holy Silence and Waiting. But, it is not passive waiting. It is an active state of allowing; of consenting it. This takes courage. Leaning into Mystery does not snuff out the pain, but transforms it within us and within our world.

When sorrow rises, grant it the honour of your Presence. Let us acknowledge it and lean into the deep of the dark. May we listen to its song and allow it to flow through us- into the fullness of the knowledge that we are not alone; into the awaiting embrace and expanse of the Inextinguishable Light that has always. is always and shall always be – within us.