About me

Maria G. Vigna, Certified BodyTalk & Reiki Practitioner

I am a Certified BodyTalk and Reiki Practitioner. As I continue to learn more about the wisdom of both modalities, I also deepen my understanding and my reverence of a gift that is within all of us. It is our innate wisdom. When we listen to  the integrative wisdom of our body, we become aware of how every facet of our being is connected. Physical, emotional and spiritual inscapes are an integral part of our being and of our healing journey.

In one of the very first BodyTalk sessions I received, I learned about listening to this wisdom and how it guides our healing process.

For years, the wilderness inside of me had no witness. I knew it needed attention, but I found ways to work around it.  I did not know how to go to it or through it.  I had a sense I needed to listen to that space, but there was much fear in that.

Terry Tempest Williams says, “Perhaps the wilderness we fear is the pause between our own heartbeats, the silent space that says we live only by grace”.  I longed to know that grace.

Fear is what brought me to BodyTalk. Then, in that early session, the practitioner shared an image that resonated deeply with me. She told me that it was as if there were a war inside of me. 

I knew exactly what she meant. It was an internal “war” and I felt disoriented and  fragmented physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The space between heartbeats…

Slowly, I began to attune to my body’s messages and to its wisdom. I was engaging in a life long process of learning, of allowing rather than fighting my emotions. This creates the space they need  to do their work – which is to move energy.  Eventually, they became my guides instead of foes. They helped me to navigate the inner terrain that had for so long been abandoned.

Tuning into emotions became a way to listen to “the space between my heartbeats”- to the whisper of wisdom that is always there. The parts of me that were at war got a hearing. The parts of me that I had exiled were now on the way back home. 

This particular session was the first of many stirrings that would lead me to study both the BodyTalk system and Reiki  and consequently, to certify as a practitioner. 

Healing is about coming home to ourselves -a place that does not desert us even if we lose sight of it sometimes. Here both shadow and light are held in reverence.  It is a sacred journey. 

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