About taproot

Listen to the integrative wisdom of your body

Mission Statement

taproot  BodyTalk|Reiki is a healing practice that helps you to listen to the integrative wisdom of your body, mind and spirit.

I am committed to assisting you to listen to your body’s messages. Also, I support you as we observe and address the story in the messages and beneath the symptoms. We will honour the physical, the emotional and the spiritual wisdom within you.  This is then, the integrative wisdom which guides your healing journey. 

Healing is a path home to self – of remembering the sacredness of your whole being.

The name of my practice ,”taproot” was a gift to me by a very special, long time friend. The image of the taproot symbolizes groundedness. Even more, it holds within it, the beauty and power of the healing journey.
Think of a pine tree or the mighty oak. The taproot anchors the tree deep into the earth. The root system then reaches out in all directions drawing in water and nourishment. Thus, the tree is able to break through the earth, extend its branches and reach out. Also, trees are relational and the root system is a part of the communication network between them. 
So then, with the power  and steadiness of the taproot, trees are able to reach up and also to reach deep!
Similarly, we all have an energetic taproot that grounds us. As it burrows into the depth of our being, it strengthens and anchors us. Therefore, no matter what we face – storms, challenges, newness, uncertainty or difficult emotions, we are able to return to balance.
The taproot supports us in our healing journey. It helps us to listen to the integrative wisdom of the body, roots us in our core and extends us into mystery and awe! The poet James Broughton says:
“Deepen your roots, extend your branches.
Be prepared to bump into wonder.”

We open to the deep and to the reach of us…

The holistic healing process integrates the body, mind and spirit. As a result, we are supported by an expansive, intimate connection with the very core of our whole being.  In essence, when we are able to listen to the  integrative wisdom of the body, we open to the deep and to the reach of us.
The wisdom, the messages from our body and soul, often come to us as physical symptoms. We may also have a sense of unease or we may feel fragmented. By grounding into the wisdom of the body we begin to open to its messages. We are invited to inhabit and align to the fullness of who we are. Consequently, we reunite with our wholeness; with our own holiness. We “bump into wonder”.

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