About Holistic Health

Holistic Health considers the whole person. The process of holistic healing reverences the wisdom within us; the wisdom of the body, mind and spirit. Moreover, it honours the grace of all of that we are- our wholeness. It is a return home to self. Thus, to remember the sacredness of your being.

Holistic Health … from disharmony to balance.

Many factors affect our health and our well being. For example, early life experiences, old patterns and traumas can disrupt our inner balance. We may be holding on to unprocessed emotions and memories. Or, we may be relying on conditioned reactions to keep us safe, therefore using them as coping mechanisms. If these factors remain unattended, they affect the natural flow of energy within us. Consequently, balance is disrupted. We may feel scattered or fragmented. Or, we may feel uneasy – in a state of dis-ease.

Holistic Health is about bringing the parts of us that are in disharmony back into alignment. In other words, when we witness the things that are ready to be met, to be shed or perhaps simply to be acknowledged, we begin to heal. By paying attention, we grow our awareness. Above all, we begin to remember our true essence.

BodyTalk and Reiki do not diagnose or prescribe. Also, both modalities work well in a complementary relationship with all health services. Click to learn more about BodyTalk and Reiki.

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