About Distance Sessions

What to expect in a distance session:

The sessions will be about an hour long. I will call you at the appointed time and we have a conversation about what you are experiencing within you that you would like to address/explore.  This part of the session will take about 20 minutes.

For this next part, we will be off the phone. I will invite you to sit in quiet – you may feel like laying down for a rest, sit in a favourite chair with a cup of tea, write,  listen or to be with any images that may arise.

While we are off the phone, I will listen for what is unfolding within you and how you can be supported to create space and flow within. This will assist the natural proces of healing to grow. This part of the session will also be about 20 minutes.

I will then call you back and we conclude with another conversation together about what has emerged in your session.  At this point we can discuss follow up appointments and/or anything that you may need to “practice”. Any follow up comes with a reminder to TRUST YOUR OWN IMPULSE;  To Listen to your body and move at your own pace.

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